UNWTO: 700 Million International Tourists from January to July 2023

Africa Recovers 92% of Pre-Crisis Visitors in Seven Months

Tourism in the Serengeti, Tanzania
Image/ David Clode

The UNWTO World Tourism Barometer shows that tourism demand remains remarkably resilient and continues to recover, as monitored throughout 2023 until the end of July 2023. International tourist arrivals reached 84% of pre-pandemic levels.

Between January and July 2023, 700 million tourists travelled internationally, which is 43% more than in the same months of 2022. July was the busiest month with 145 million international travellers recorded, about 20% of the seven-month total.

Results by Region 

All world regions enjoyed strong rates of tourism recovery over the first seven months of 2023, driven by demand for international travel from several large source markets:

  • The Middle East reported the best results in January-July 2023, with arrivals 20% above pre-pandemic levels. The region continues to be the only to exceed 2019 levels so far.
  • Europe, the world’s largest destination region, reached 91% of pre-pandemic levels, supported by robust intra-regional demand and travel from the United States.
  • Africa recovered 92% of pre-crisis visitors this seven-month period and the Americas 87% according to available data.
  • In Asia and the Pacific, recovery accelerated to 61% of pre-pandemic arrival levels after the opening of many destinations and source markets at the end of 2022 and earlier this year.