Air Botswana Bolsters Fleet with Three New Embraer Aircraft

New Embraer jets for Air Botswana, network expansion planned.

Air Botswana expands fleet with 3 Embraer jets
Air Botswana

Air Botswana (BP) announced a significant expansion of its fleet by adding three new Embraer aircraft.

The revelation was made by CEO Ms. Lulu Rasebotsa at a media meet-and-greet held in Gaborone on May 29, 2024.

Representatives from digital, print, and broadcast media outlets attended the event.


Boosting Capacity

We have fully paid for three aircraft and you will be glad to know that all three are going to be Embraers,” Ms. Rasebotsa stated. “The intention of the re-fleet is to minimise on delays.” Highlighting the positive impact on employment, she added, “Over and above, we are creating employment.

Air Bostwana's CEO Ms. Lulu Rasebotsa at media meet and greet event
Air Botswana’s CEO, Ms. Lulu Rasebotsa (Photo/ Air Botswana)

Network Expansion on the Horizon

While the official launch date for the new Embraer aircraft remains unconfirmed, Ms. Rasebotsa hinted at network expansion plans.

We are waiting for final approval for Namibia, Durban, Nelspruit and to bring back Cape Town to Kasane and Cape Town to Maun in order to drive tourism and diversify the economy of this country.