Airbus Signals Support for Gabon’s New National Carrier, Fly Gabon

Airbus Rallies behind Fly Gabon with aircraft and technical support

Airbus aircraft
Photo/ ©Airbus

Airbus has signalled its support for the launch of Fly Gabon, Gabon’s new national airline, according to local media reports.

During a meeting on May 29, 2024, on the sidelines of the Gabon-France Business Forum, Hadi Akoum, Airbus Vice-President, Africa-Levant Sales, presented a comprehensive support offer to the Transitional President of Gabon, Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema.

This offer reportedly includes the supply of aircraft and technical assistance to ensure a smooth operational launch for Fly Gabon.


Birth of Fly Gabon

Gabon’s government acquired a 56% stake in Afrijet Business Service (purchase agreement signed March 12, 2024), transforming it into a state-owned carrier.

They plan to use it as a foundation for a new airline, “We will use this company to build, from traffic rights, from its customer base, the new airline, which will be called Fly Gabon,” announced Gabon’s Minister of Economy and Participations, Mays Mouissi.