ASKY Airlines Boosts Fleet with Third Boeing 737-8 Aircraft

ASKY Airlines adds third Boeing 737-MAX 8 to fleet, ET-BAU.

ASKY Airlines adds 3rd Boeing 737-MAX 8 to fleet, registration ET-BAU.
Photo: ASKY Airlines

ASKY Airlines (KP) welcomed its third Boeing 737-MAX 8 aircraft, registered ET-BAU.

The new aircraft arrived at Togo’s Lomé-Tokoin International Airport on April 16, 2024.

“This latest addition represents a significant investment in fleet modernisation,” ASKY said in a statement. “It exemplifies our unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional travel experience for our passengers while minimising our environmental footprint.”


“We are delighted to welcome this new aircraft to our fleet and eagerly anticipate sharing this unparalleled flight experience with our valued passengers.”

– ASKY Airlines Statement, on April 16, 2024.