Boom Supersonic and NEOM to Collaborate on Bringing Supersonic Travel to the Gulf Region

Boom Supersonic secures over $700M in funding.

Overture - the world’s fastest airliner
Source/Boom Supersonic

Boom Supersonic, the company behind the Overture supersonic jet, which is slated to enter service in 2029, announced in November 2023 that it has secured over $700 million in funding, including a strategic investment from the NEOM Investment Fund (NIF).

The NIF is the investment arm of NEOM, a sustainable regional development in northwest Saudi Arabia designed to accelerate global transformation towards a more sustainable future.

In a statement, Boom outlined how the partnership with NIF could significantly enhance the accessibility of the Gulf region by harnessing the potential of supersonic flight. 


A Shared Vision for Faster Flights

Blake Scholl, the founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic, expressed his excitement about the collaboration. He stated, “Our goal is to bring the world closer together through faster flights. We’re excited to collaborate with partners and investors around the globe as we work to realize our shared vision.”

Boom also announced updates on the Overture airliner, Symphony engine, and XB-1 supersonic demonstrator programs. The company stated it is on track to begin flight testing the XB-1 later this year.