CAE Forecasts Africa Will Require 29000 New Aviation Talent by 2032

CAE Inc. Aviation Talent Forecast projects 1.3 million civil aviation professionals are required over the next decade.


CAE Inc. published its Aviation Talent Forecast in June 2023, projecting 1.3 million civil aviation professionals required over the next ten years. This includes 284,000 new pilots, 402,000 new technicians, and 599,000 new cabin crew.

According to the latest outlook, the Africa region will require 29,000 new aviation talent by 2032. Commercial aviation talent demand is forecast to be 26,000, comprising 3,000 commercial pilots, 10,000 commercial aircraft maintenance technicians, and 13,000 cabin crew, while business aviation demand projects 3,000, including 1,000 business aviation pilots and 2,000 business aircraft maintenance technicians.

Supplying the Demand

The report outlines various factors driving demand for pilots, including demographics, mandatory retirement ages, early retirements due to COVID-19, and the projected growth of the global aviation industry.


To meet this demand – CAE explores a variety of approaches, including but not limited to lowering the cost of entry into the aviation industry (especially for pilots), establishing cadet programs and aviation academies across the world to provide direct pathway opportunities to airlines or operators, and encouraging employers to assess unconscious bias to reduce obstacles for underrepresented groups by offering financial aid, work-study programs, and sponsorships.

They [employers] also need to culturally propel the industry further into the 21st century and alleviate the strain on resources by bringing more diversity to the workforce by proactively recruiting women and all underrepresented groups.

CAE Aviation Talent Forecast June 2023