Dashen Bank and Ethiopian Airlines Introduce ‘Fly Now Pay Later’ Service

Dashen Bank and Ethiopian Airlines launch ‘Fly Now Pay Later,’ a service allowing travellers to book flights without upfront payment.

Dashen Bank and Ethiopian Airlines launch ‘Fly Now Pay Later,’ service package.
Source/ Ethiopian Airlines

Dashen Bank and the Ethiopian Airlines Group have jointly launched a service package named ‘Fly Now Pay Later’ on December 28, 2023.

This innovative technological solution offers travellers the opportunity to fly first and pay at a later date, providing flexibility and convenience.

Mr. Yohannes Million, the Chief Digital Banking Officer of Dashen Bank, stated that ‘Fly Now Pay Later’ (FNPL) is a novel approach to flight purchases.


It allows travellers to book their trips without paying the full price upfront. The service will be available based on the customers’ choice of a 12- or 6-month payment period.

However, to avail this service, customers must open a bank account at Dashen Bank and remain as customers for at least three months.

Ethiopian on Enhancing Customer Experience

The new payment service, ‘Fly Now, Pay Later,’ launched, aims to offer customers additional payment flexibility and enhance the customer experience.

Ethiopian GCCO, Mr. Lemma Yadecha, outlined that the airline integrated its mobile app with Dashen Bank’s new payment strategy. He added that they aim to align their system with the best practices of other domestic banks.

Ethiopian Airlines, through its booking system, will provide confirmed passenger flight bookings and services upon successful payment confirmation received from Dashen Bank through FlyGate.