ITB Berlin 2024: Travel Booms, AI Transforms, and Sustainability Takes Center Stage

Main highlights from ITB Berlin 2024.

ITB Berlin 2024 key takeaways
Photo/ © Messe Berlin GmbH

ITB Berlin 2024: Key Takeaways

  • Travel surges, exceeding pre-pandemic levels.
  • Sustainability: addressing climate change and promoting responsible travel.
  • AI and VR transform, offering innovative ways to select and experience destinations.
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion, to make travel accessible to a wider audience.

Travel Surges Past Pre-Pandemic Levels

The travel industry has made a remarkable comeback, exceeding pre-pandemic levels.

Now we can really say that the pandemic is behind us,” declared Charuta Fadnis, vice president of Phocuswright, at the opening of ITB Berlin 2024

However, Fadnis acknowledges that “growth is now normal: The need to catch up is behind us.”


Much of the increased revenue stems from price hikes, with the global travel sector expected to surpass $2 trillion in 2024 and 2025.

Sustainability: A Pressing Challenge

Despite the positive outlook, sustainability remains a pressing concern. “Climate change is the biggest challenge,” emphasised Fadnis.

It is up to the industry to become active here.” Industry leaders agree, urging for collaborative efforts and innovative solutions.

The world is decarbonising – with or without us,” stated Jeremy Sampson, CEO of the Travel Foundation.

His organisation’s study outlines a path to climate neutrality, achievable “with great effort.”

"We can travel without destroying the world!"says Jeremy Sampson, CEO of the Travel Foundation.

“We can travel without destroying the world!”- Jeremy Sampson.

AI Transforms Travel

The future of travel is not just about destinations, but also about the technology that guides us there.

Rohit Talwar, CEO of Fast Future, highlighted the transformative power of AI and VR in shaping travel experiences.

However, Talwar notes that “travelers remain cautious” about relying solely on AI for decision-making. 

His research reveals that while 86% of travel companies believe AI significantly impacts their business model, only 12% of tourists use AI for destination selection.

Progressive Thinking for a More Inclusive Future

Talwar emphasises the need for transformative thinking in the travel industry.

He encourages the industry to “give more people access to travel experiences” and champion diversity and inclusion.

Learning is the answer to all questions,” he says, advocating for continuous learning and innovation.

ITB Berlin officially opened with a spectacular show from Oman, the host nation. With over 5,500 exhibitors from 170 countries, the world’s leading tourism trade fair opened its doors to trade visitors, exhibitors and buyers of the international travel industry under the motto #ITBTOGETHER.