UN Tourism: World Tourism Organisation Rebrands 

UNWTO transitions to UN Tourism, emphasising people and planet.

UN Tourism: The New Face of the World Tourism Organization
Photo/ UN Tourism

The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) announced a significant transition in January 2024, rebranding itself as UN Tourism.

With its new branding, UN Tourism reiterates its status as the specialised agency for tourism within the United Nations and the global leader in tourism for development.

The organisation highlights that its focus remains unwavering on driving social and economic change, ensuring that “people and planet” are always at the forefront.


A Fresh Visual Identity

UN Tourism unveiled a new design language, starting with its symbol. The new tagline, “Bringing the world closer,” inspires the concept of a Pangea shaping a human figure in action. 

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UNWTO Rebrands as UN Tourism

This significant evolution, as UN Tourism explains, reflects their emphasis on the dynamic nature of tourism and the importance of putting people first.

“The new elements of the brand are the foundations of a distinct and proprietary image – one that is direct, relatable, and relevant for diverse audiences.”

Borja Borrero, Executive Director at Interbrand

The rebrand extends beyond the symbol, including a revamp of the entire visual system. This presents a rich universe of elements, including imagery, fonts, colors, and pictograms, all designed to tailor social media campaigns, events, posts, and videos for both online and offline audiences.