VINCI Airports Takes Over Operation of Seven Cape Verde Airports

VINCI Airports to fund, operate, maintain, extend and modernise these airports over the next 40 years.

Cape Verde

VINCI Airports announced it has finalised the financial arrangements for the acquisition of seven airports in Cape Verde, securing €60 million in financing from three development banks.

The financing is certified under the Sustainability-Linked Financing (SLF) Framework, with targets set for reducing CO2 emissions and achieving Airport Carbon Accreditation.

According to a statement from VINCI Airports on July 24, 2023, the company will operate, maintain, extend, and modernise these airports over the next 40 years, opening new routes and promoting tourism in the archipelago.


VINCI Airports will implement an environmental action plan, which includes the development of renewable energy production at airports. The company will also integrate the 300-plus employees at the airports into its network.