Zambia Airways Welcomes First Female Captain 

Zambia Airways celebrates the appointment of its first female captain, Captain Tiza K Mumbi.

Zambia Airways welcomes its first female captain - Captain Tiza K Mumbi
Photo/ Zambia Airways

Zambia Airways (ZN), the national carrier of the Republic of Zambia, has appointed its first female captain in its 60-year history.

Captain Tiza K Mumbi was announced on International Women’s Day (March 8, 2024).

In her acceptance speech during the wings ceremony held in Lusaka, Captain Mumbi addressed women across Africa, particularly those in Zambia:


“To women across Africa, to Zambia especially, my young women and ladies: Remember everything is possible as long as you remain disciplined, focused, and committed. And remember, anyone can do what any other person can do.”

IWD 2024 – ‘Inspire Inclusion’

Captain Mumbi’s appointment on International Women’s Day coincided with the year’s theme, “Inspire Inclusion.”

This theme resonates within the aviation industry, where diversity is increasingly recognised as a key factor for success.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) emphasises the importance of diversity in the aviation sector, highlighting its positive impact on success.

IATA on Diversity

An article titled “Diversity Opens the Door to Success” published in IATA’s “Airlines Magazine” (March 2024) underscores the importance of a diverse workforce within airlines.

The article cites India as an example, with a female pilot percentage exceeding the industry average (11% compared to the global average of 5%).

IATA emphasises the value of role models and the need to ensure equal access to aviation jobs for all genders.