Zipline Marks Milestone with One Million Commercial Drone Deliveries

Zipline hits 1,000,000 commercial autonomous drone deliveries; Expands U.S. deliveries.

Image: Zipline

Zipline announced on April 19, 2024, that it has reached a significant milestone: completing its one-millionth commercial drone delivery.

Zipline’s zero-emission drones have now flown over 70 million commercial miles across four continents, delivering more than 10 million products.

Notably, 70% of these deliveries occurred in the past two years, highlighting Zipline’s rapid growth, according to the company.


Zipline outlined it has expanded its services beyond medical supplies to include retail deliveries (e.g., Walmart), agricultural support, animal health initiatives (Africa), and food delivery (Japan). 

Fresh produce is the most frequent delivery item in the U.S., while child nutrition and vaccines dominate internationally.

“In the near future, I believe that 1 million deliveries will be unremarkable as we reach a million deliveries in a year, in a month, in a day […] 10 years from now, I think clean, reliable autonomous delivery of goods and services will be available to everyone.”

Zipline's P2 Zip Delivery
Zipline’s P2 Zip-Droid-Delivery System (Image: Zipline)

The company additionally revealed plans to utilise its Platform 2 (P2) system for deliveries from Panera Bread, Memorial Hermann Health System, and Jet’s Pizza in specific U.S. metropolitan areas.

Zipline’s Milestones

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Zipline marks one millionth commercial delivery
  • Pioneering Network: Operates the world’s largest autonomous drone delivery network across multiple countries, with a commercial delivery every 70 seconds.
  • Record-Breaking Flights: Holds records for the longest fully autonomous drone flights in the U.S. (41 miles) and globally (130 miles), both without visual observers.
  • Sustainable Deliveries: Utilises electric, zero-emission drones, saving over 750,000 gallons of gas compared to traditional car delivery methods.