Airbus Doubles SAF Usage in 2023

Airbus used over 11 million litres of SAF in 2023, doubling the volume from 2022.

Airbus' H145 SAF refueling
Photo/ Airbus

Airbus’ Sustainable Fuel Usage

Airbus has disclosed that it used more than 11 million litres of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in its operations in 2023, doubling the volume used in 2022.

This achievement exceeded the initial 2023 target of 10% of the total fuel used across Airbus’ divisions by over a million litres, accounting for 2% of all SAF produced globally over the year.

Achieving the Milestone

Airbus highlighted that this milestone was reached through sustainable adjustments and approaches in several areas, including transport and operationsemployee travelflight testsaircraft deliveries; and collaborations


Notably, Airbus delivered more aircraft with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in 2023 than ever before, thanks to increased availability at their global delivery centers.

Environmental Impact

According to Airbus, this significant increase in SAF usage contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 23,587 tonnes.