SimpliFlying Releases Inaugural Sustainable Aviation Outlook Report

Sustainable Aviation Outlook Report launched on Earth Day analysed data from 20 global airlines.

Photo/©Maxim Kovalev

SimpliFlying, a leader in aviation industry analysis, has launched its inaugural Sustainable Aviation Outlook Report 2024.

According to SimpliFlying, the report delves into the current state of sustainability within the airline industry.

They achieved this through a comprehensive survey of 20 major airlines globally while the survey encompassed five key areas including: team structure, sustainability strategy, perception of sustainability and communications, sustainability initiatives, and budget and future outlook.


Shashank Nigamvia, Founder and CEO of SimpliFlying, announced the report’s release on #EarthDay, outlining its potential to influence airline leadership. He described it as “packed with data from top airlines and gorgeous charts; *this is* the report you’d need to convince your CEO or CFO about the future.”

SimpliFlying has highlighted the use of data from their partners like Cirium (aviation analytics) and Envest (sustainable investment), which suggests a comprehensive and data-driven analysis of the current aviation landscape. The outlook report promises to be a valuable resource for airlines navigating the path towards net-zero emissions.