Air Botswana Unveils New Mobile App and WhatsApp Line

Air Botswana launches an all-new Mobile App and WhatsApp Customer service line.

Source/ AirBotswana, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Air Botswana (BP) has introduced a new Mobile App and a WhatsApp Customer service line in an effort to improve service delivery and customer experience.

The new platforms offer a range of travel-related services, including booking, airfares, destinations, Teemane Loyalty Club, and ticket payment via mobile phones. The Mobile App is available from the Playstore and Apple Store for Android and iOS devices.

“We operate and live in an increasingly digital world, and we are committed to implementing the necessary transformations that will make the airline more competitive and in-touch with its customers.”

Masego Mookodi , Acting GM for Air Botswana.

In addition, the Air Botswana WhatsApp Customer line aims to enhance customer engagement by connecting both new and existing customers from Botswana and all countries.

Customers can use the WhatsApp service to communicate with a Service Agent for inquiries, scheduling, bookings, cargo, and other service offerings.