Air New Zealand Unveils Pilot Cadetship Program

Applications Open for Mangōpare Air New Zealand Pilot Cadetship launching in September 2024

Air New Zealand
Photo: Jeffry Surianto

Air New Zealand (NZ) has launched the Mangōpare Air New Zealand Pilot Cadetship, a new fast-track pilot training program designed to address potential pilot shortages.

The airline noted, that its accelerated 14-month international training program aimed at aspiring Kiwi aviators, offers a significantly shorter training timeline, compared to traditional routes.

Program Details

The Mangōpare Air New Zealand Pilot Cadetship, commencing in September 2024, is in partnership with Ansett Aviation Training, and AeroGuard Flight Training Centre.


The cadets will receive training in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Air New Zealand highlighted the program’s benefits, stating:

Our new pilot training programme accelerates the journey to becoming a commercial pilot from 24-36 months to approximately 14 months. We want to inspire more Kiwis to pursue a career as a pilot and ensure we can continue to meet future demand for highly skilled pilots


While Air New Zealand emphasises funding a majority of the program’s costs (subject to conditions), the program information indicates a contribution of approximately 20-30% of the total cost will be required from selected candidates.