Boom Supersonic Unveils Overture Superfactory Completion

First Supersonic Airliner Factory in U.S., Valued at Over $6B, Set for Overture Production

Completion of the Overture Superfactory in North Carolina, USA
Photo/ Boom Supersonic

Boom Supersonic marked a major step forward with the ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 17, 2024, marking the completion of the Overture Superfactory’s construction.

First Supersonic Assembly Line in the U.S.

The Overture Superfactory, located at the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina is the first facility dedicated to supersonic airliner production in the United States.

This advanced assembly line will build Boom’s flagship aircraft, the Overture.


Initially capable of producing 33 aircraft annually, valued collectively at over $6 billion, the facility is poised to enhance American leadership in aerospace manufacturing.

Boom plans to construct a second assembly line to double the annual output to 66 Overture jets eventually.

Boom Supersonic Superfactory

The Superfactory will also house a dedicated delivery centre where airlines such as United, American, and Japan Airlines will receive their supersonic jets.

Boom Supersonic outlined in a statement that Overture aircraft “will bring vital innovation to aviation and set a new standard for global air travel… The demand for industry advancement is clear, with top global airlines looking to companies like Boom to bring more competition and differentiation to market.

The Overture Superfactory construction completes in North Carolina, USA.

Focus on Sustainability

Boom Supersonic has stated that the Overture Superfactory is designed with sustainability in mind. Built by BE&K and designed by BRPH, the facility is pursuing LEED certification and is expected to achieve at least 40% greater energy efficiency compared to similar manufacturing plants.

Specific features claimed to contribute to this efficiency include the use of urban heat mitigation materials, high-efficiency LED lighting, and water conservation systems.

Supersonic Airliner
Photo/ Boom Supersonic

Gearing Up for Production

With construction complete, Boom has stated it will now focus on operationalising the production floor. This phase involves designing assembly stations, finalising material movement workflows, and establishing drilling procedures.

The completion of construction follows XB-1’s inaugural flight, marking a milestone for supersonic air travel. XB-1 received a Special Flight Authorisation to exceed Mach 1 from the FAA and continues testing in Mojave, California to confirm its performance at supersonic speeds.