Paris Air Show 2023: A Recap of the Highlights and Deals

54th edition of the Paris Air Show: 2,500 exhibitors from 46 countries, contracts worth $150 billion signed.

Paris Air Show 2023
Paris Air Show 2023/©Anthony Guerra

The 54th edition of the Paris Air Show, held in Le Bourget, France, starting June 19, concluded on Sunday, June 25, 2023. The event was inaugurated by French President Emmanuel Macron.

According to the International Paris Air Show by SIAE, the event featured 2,500 exhibitors from 46 countries showcasing their products and services. Over 300,000 trade visitors and the general public attended, with 130,000 unique professional visitors (43% from outside France), representing 210,000 entries, and 170,000 general public visitors. The event saw contracts signed worth approximately $150 billion, with airlines and manufacturers from around the world making deals and announcements, including airlines in Africa.

Highlights of Airlines in Africa at the Paris Air Show 2023