AURA AERO and Airbus Protect Collaborate for Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Certification

AURA AERO's 19-seater hybrid-electric regional aircraft, ERA targets reduced carbon footprint.

ERA - a hybrid a 19-seater hybrid-electric aircraft innovatively designed by AURA AERO.

AURA ERO and Airbus Protect entered into a cooperation agreement on May 28, 2024, to facilitate the certification of the ERA, a 19-seater hybrid-electric aircraft innovatively designed by AURA AERO.

Aiming for Efficient Certification

The essence of this cooperation revolves around certifying the ERA, an aircraft designed for regional transportation, according to a statement by the companies.

The collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies. Aura Aero introduces its pioneering ERA program, while Airbus Protect brings its extensive experience in safety, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance within the aviation industry, particularly about the CS-23 framework applicable to general aviation.


The combination of this expertise is intended to ensure a streamlined and efficient certification process for the ERA, setting the stage for its production.

Validation and Opportunity

For AURA AERO, this partnership serves as a significant endorsement of their efforts. Jérémy Caussade, CEO of AURA AERO, regards the agreement as a “true mark of confidence” in their team’s work.

He remarked this as: “an extra guarantee of success for the ERA program, with which we will decarbonise regional aviation as soon as 2030.”

Jeremy Caussade, CEO of AURA AERO, and Thierry Racaud, CEO of Airbus Protect, sign a cooperation agreement in view of the certification of ERA.

Airbus Protect also views this collaboration as a strategic opportunity.

As stated by Thierry Racaud, CEO of Airbus Protect, partnering with AURA AERO demonstrates their team’s capacity to support diverse players within the aviation sector, on this occasion “sustainability aspects and contributing to the decarbonisation of regional aviation.”