Jetex Partners with Shell Aviation for SAF Supply to Private Aviation

Jetex partners with Shell Aviation to supply SAF at its Dubai terminal in DWC.

Jetex Partners with Shell Aviation:

Jetex, a global leader in executive aviation, has announced a partnership with Shell Aviation to introduce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at its flagship private terminal in Dubai.

This partnership will enable aircraft operators and private owners to significantly reduce emissions whenever they operate flights from the terminal.

“It is even more important in light of 2023 being announced as the Year of Sustainability in the UAE as it cements our ambition to reduce carbon emissions.”

Adel Mardini, Founder & CEO of Jetex.

The company outlined, the initiative builds on the success of supplying SAF at selected locations in Europe, further demonstrating Jetex’s commitment to sustainability.

Shell Aviation’s Perspective on Emission Reduction

Doris Tan, General Manager Asia and Middle East, Shell Aviation, echoed this sentiment: To reduce emissions from flying, all parts of the aviation value chain need to play their part. This is particularly crucial for private business customers as they can create a concentrated, high-impact demand for SAF.” 

Jetex’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Jetex emphasises that this agreement aligns with its broader environmental strategy, which focuses on reducing carbon emissions, promoting recycling, and adopting the latest green technologies across its global network.