WTTC’s Hotel Sustainability Program Hits 3400 Properties Verified Milestone

2024 set to be a historic year for the sustainability initiative: WTTC


The World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Hotel Sustainability Basics program has surpassed 3,400 verified hotels across nearly 80 countries, the council revealed.

This program helps hotels improve sustainability practices and is overseen by independent verifiers – Green Key and SGS.

The 12-step program focuses on reducing carbon emissions, conserving nature, and benefiting local communities.


Major hotel chains and destinations worldwide have joined the ‘Basics’ initiative, including the UAE, Madagascar, and Sweden.

This initiative is about uniting hotels, industry partners, and sustainability standards to create a future that is resilient, responsible, and respectful of our planet,”

Julia Simpson, WTTC President & CEO.

WTTC emphasises industry collaboration and recently partnered with BeCause to enhance connections with online travel agents (OTAs) for hotels committed to sustainable practices.

This program signifies the travel industry’s growing commitment to sustainability on a global scale.