FlyNamibia Expands Network with New Flights to Cape Town from Windhoek and Walvis Bay

FlyNamibia to start flights connecting Windhoek and Walvis Bay to Cape Town from October 29, 2023.


FlyNamibia is gearing up to launch flights connecting Windhoek and Walvis Bay to Cape Town, marking a significant expansion of its network. The new service is set to commence October 29, 2023.

New Route Details

FlyNamibia announced it will operate flights from Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH) in Windhoek to Cape Town (CPT) and then onwards to Walvis Bay (WVB). The return journey will follow the same path, thereby extending the existing CPT-WVB route and reintroducing flights from WVB to Windhoek.

The airline believes the new route will foster tourism, trade, and personal connections between these significant locations.


FlyNamibia Joins IATA

In another significant development, FlyNamibia joined the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in September 2023 and received the IATA Designator WV. The airline is among 12 airlines, including African operators FlyCemAir and Ibom Air, that joined the association in 2023.